Lessons from Magic Kingdom

The majority of the products and services we use have no lasting impact in our lives, they are a means to an end. We only think about and talk about those that either don’t meet are exceed our expectations.

I noticed a couple of patterns while taking my family to Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

1. Highly orginaized and clean

2. The employees communicate effectivly and are freindly.

2B They are also passionate – people who are not in the parade sing and dance, they want to be there.

3. Easy to navigate around the park, I did not have to think.

4. When they took photos of my kids there was no pressure to purchase them immediately.

5. It is the unexpected that brings delight. Walk down main street and out of no where appears a marching band.

This is the key, it is about exceeding exceptions with the unexpected. That is what creates memories.

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