Daily list of questions for my projects

For project teams:
  • Is my team happy?
  • How are we performing against our work plan?
    • What impediments do I need to remove?
    • Do I need to reallocate resources?
    • Are we on target to deliver?
  • What coaching opportunities are there?
  • What are we learning?
    • e.g. Have we gotten on smarter on the domain -if so
  • Does the project have maximum impact?
For clients:
  • Are my client’s happy?
  • What are their concerns?
  • Are they engaged?
  • Are they talking to the right people?
  • Do I need to reset expectations?


One thought on “Daily list of questions for my projects”

  1. Great compilation of questions which a manager especially consultant should cater on a daily basis .Though i would like to add a few other points and i would like you to correct me if i am wrong as you are vastly experienced .
    For project teams:
    1. Is my team motivated towards the work ? (This includes their satisfaction graph)
    – Are they getting enough rewards or incentive for the work?
    – How is their growth ?
    (This may b for a long run but i guess is important for a team point of view)
    2. What is my impact on the team ? (Though i am the captain of the ship i need to review my position from time to time)

    I hope you to get some valuable inputs on these from you .

    Akshat Kumar
    MS-IM, Syracuse University

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